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Privacy Policy Statement

” KNC-MARINE ” is important for your personal information and complies with the laws regarding the promotion of information services and information protection.
The company uses the Privacy Policy to inform you of what your personal information is being used and how it is being taken to protect your privacy.
The company will notify you via the website notification (or individual notice) when amending the privacy policy.
This policy will be implemented starting September 26, 2017.
1. Personal Information Items collected
” KNC-MARINE ” is collecting personal information such as registration, consulting, and service applications.
– Collection entries : Name, date of birth, gender, login ID, password, telephone number, mobile phone number, email number, company registration number, company registration number, resident registration number
How to collect personal information : homepage (registration sign)
2. Collection and utilization of personal information
‘ KNC-MARINE ‘ utilizes collected personal information for the following purposes :
Payment of fees for service delivery and delivery of services, provision of contents, purchase and billing, financial transactions, financial services, and financial services.
Checking personal identification, identifying personal identification, preventing unauthorized use of rogue members, checking the use of false members, checking the subscription status, notices, notices, notices, notices, notices, etc.
3. Keeping and using personal information
In principle, after the acquisition and utilization of personal information is achieved, the information is disposed of without delay.
However, if necessary, the provisions of the KNC-MARIFICATION shall retain the member information for a certain period specified by the relevant statute as follows.
Retention item : Retention ID : Retention ID : Extended subscription check period : (About 30 days) encrypted resident registration period (approximately 30 days)
4. Procedure and methods of destruction of personal information
” KNC-MARINE ” applies the information in principle without delay after the acquisition and utilization of personal information is achieved.
The destruction procedure and method are as follows :
Destruction procedure
 The information you enter for the membership of the member concerned is deleted after a period of recognition (for a separate document) and for the purposes of the information protection (see separate documents).
Personal information transferred to a separate DB is not used for other purposes unless otherwise provided by law.
Method of disbanding
 Personal information stored in electronic file formats is deleted using a descriptive method that can not be played back.
5. Providing personal information
” KNC-MARINE ” does not provide the user with personal information in principle. Exceptions apply, however, as shown below.
In case users agree beforehand
In accordance with the requirements of the investigation agency according to the regulations and methods stipulated in accordance with the Regulations for Inspection of the Act and the Regulations for Investigations of the Regulations for Research on Investigations of Legal Systems.
6. Commissioned personal information collected
” KNC-MARINE ” will not entrust your information to your company without your consent. In the event of such a need, we will notify you of the subject matter and the contents of the consignment, if necessary, and receive prior consent if necessary.
7. The rights of the users and their legal representatives and their practices
Users and legal representatives can view or modify their registered personal information at any time, and may request termination of the subscription.
You can change the membership information immediately by clicking Change member information to change the ‘ Personal Information Change ‘ (or ‘ Change member information ‘).
To unsubscribe (withdrawal withdrawal), you can click on ” withdrawal ” to exit and leave the withdrawal process.
Or contact your Personal Information Management Assistant in writing, telephone or e-mail, and we will take action without delay.
If you have requested correction of your personal information, you will not use or supply personally identifiable information until you have completed the correction.
Additionally, if incorrect personal information has already been provided to third parties, the corrected processing results shall be notified to the third party without delay.
The ” KNC-MARINE ” is processed or deleted by the user or legal representative who has been removed or deleted by the request of the user or the use of the personal information.
8. Civil Information Service for Personal Information
The KNC-MARIFICATION is designated as the relevant departments and personal information management manager to protect the customer’s personal information and to deal with personal information related to personal information.
Customer Service Department : TEL : + 82-85 – 469-999-9909 : + 828-288-9906
Personal information management officer : E – mail address : knc@knc-marine.co.kr
You can use the services of KNC-MARINE to report all personal information protection related complaints to the Personal Information Management Executive or the responsible department.
The company will give you a quick response to the users ’ complaints.
If you need to report or consult other privacy violations, please contact the following institution.
1. Personal Dispute Mediation Board (http://kopico.or.kr)
2. Information Protection Committment Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr)
3. Online criminal investigation center at the Supreme Public Prosecutors ` Office (http://www.spo.go.kr)
4. Cyber Terror Response Center (http://www.ctrc.go.kr)