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Terms and conditions of use

Items of the collected personal information

” KNC-MARINE ” collects the following personal information, including essential information for providing basic services, such as membership registration, seamless customer interactions, and selection of customer service offerings.

1) Individual member
• Required items : ID, password, name, contact (Choose 1 of Email or cell phone number)
• Optional : Address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, mobile phone number (if applicable), mobile phone number, email number, email number, email password

2) When using mobile and social network services
• Optional : date of birth, gender, school name (year of school year), occupation, attention, photography, mobile phone number, phone address book, child’s date of birth, child sex registration (using current location function)

3) When identifying oneself
• In case of a service offering, if the consent of the legal representative is required, it may be collected by the name, date of birth, gender, I.e.configuration, mobile phone number, mobile phone information (optional), or personal identification (CI, DI).

4) The following information can be generated and collected automatically during the service use process :
• IP Address, Cookies, Visit Date, Service Usage Record, Poor Use History, Device Info

There is no limit to the use of selective information, and there is no basic personal information such as basic human rights (racial, thoughts and beliefs, political orientation, criminal records, and criminal records, etc.) that are not subject to the user’s basic human rights violation.

However, if necessary, we will need to carry out a pre-controlled process.

Collection of personal information

• Purpose of utilization
The KNC-MARINE ‘ uses the valuable personal information of the user only for the purpose of the following purposes, and if the purpose of the change is changed, the user will seek the user’s consent prior to the change.

1. Used to identify subscribers who have signed up as a member, and to prevent fraudulent use of the subscriber and age, and to prevent fraudulent use of the member.
However, the personal information of children under the age of 14 is also used to confirm whether or not to confirm the consent of the legal representatives under statute.
2. The user uses a variety of services to provide various services and handle users ‘ inquiries and complaints during the service use process.
3. It is also used for information transfer and marketing and advertising to inform new service opportunities or opportunities for participation in event events.
4. Used to analyze users ‘ service usage records and access frequency analysis and service usage, and service delivery and service improvement.

Personal information

• Usage period
” KNC-MARINE ” is a limited use of the user’s personal information only during a period of time when the user subscribes to a service.

The user’s personal information shall be destroyed without delay if the user withdraws or withdraws his or her personal information or if the collection and utilization of the personal information provided or the utilization and utilization of the personal information is achieved or the end of the period is ended.

However, the names, date of birth, gender, identity, personal identification, contact, and addresses are stored securely in separate storage spaces separated by the existing storage space for 6 months to prevent confusion and wrongful use of the service.

In accordance with the provisions of the related statutes, the member information shall be kept for the specified period stipulated in the related statutes as follows :


1. Personal Information Protection (login records) for service use : Retention period preservation period preservation period 3 months

2. Dispensionspecific evidence regarding displayeventurements:Construction period for consumer protection in electronic commerce : 6 months

3. The retention grounds for personal information regarding personal positioning are retained : legal retention period for location information protection and utilization : 1 year

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